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Company History

1981 Construction of Ricoh Electronics Development Center completed at Osaka Plant, Japan.
Production of ICs for copier, at 4-inch line, began.
1982 Real-time Clock ICs developed.
1983 NES MPU developed.
1984 Production of 6-inch expandable line began.
1987 Power Management ICs developed.
1989 Yashiro Plant FAB1 (6-inch) completed.
1990 CD-R signal processing LSIs developed.
1992 ISO9001 certification obtained.
1993 PC Interface LSIs developed.
1994 Yashiro Plant FAB2 (8-inch) completed.
1995 Li-ion/polymer Battery Protection ICs developed.
1997 ISO14001 certification obtained.
1999 System LSIs for mobile phone developed.
2004 ISO27001 certification obtained.
2006 Ricoh Electronic Devices Korea Co., Ltd. established.
Ricoh Electronic Devices Shanghai Co., Ltd. established.
2007 Ricoh Electronic Devices Company Taipei office opened.
2009 Power Management ICs for automobile developed.
2013 ISO/TS16949 certification obtained.
2014 Ricoh Electronic Devices Co., Ltd. established.
2015 Düsseldorf office opened.
2017 Nagoya office opened.
Ricoh Electronic Devices Shanghai (Shenzhen) opened.
2018 Nisshinbo Holdings Inc. acquired 80% of the shares of Ricoh Electronic Devices Co., Ltd.