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Corporate Social Responsibility

Nisshinbo Group's CSR

The Group will make contributions to and grow along with society as an Environment and Energy Company group. We view our promotion of CSR as the realization of our Corporate Philosophies.

Promotional System for CSR

The Nisshinbo Group has established a CSR Department at Nisshinbo Holdings Inc.’s Corporate Strategy Center and is promoting unified, group-wide CSR activities.

Corporate Ethics Reporting System

The Nisshinbo Group is endeavoring to spread and entrench corporate ethics among all its employees throughout its business activities. As part of these efforts, we have established a corporate ethics reporting system to be used by a broad range of stakeholders, not only people inside the Company, to facilitate the early detection and correction of legal violations and prevent their recurrence.

Supply Chain CSR Deployment Guideline

The explanation about CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) Supply

In recent years, the business environment has diversified and has changed drastically due to the globalization of business activities and the maturation of the information society.

Since corporate scandals and insincere business activities are strictly criticized in society, all corporations are expected, not to mention compliance with laws and regulations, to fulfill the social responsibilities for the formation of corporate ethics and sustainable synergistic development of corporations and societies. To satisfy this social demand, our group and business partners need to promote CSR activity from a common point of view, so we set the standard and made “Nisshinbo Holdings Micro Device Business Group Supply Chain CSR Deployment Guideline”. (Hereinafter referred to as “CSR Deployment Guideline”)

The purposes of CSR Deployment Guideline are not only we grasp how the CSR activity is working, but also it could be used to help you promote CSR effectively.