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  • New Product R5602 Series, New Analog Front-end IC for Monitoring 4- to 7-cell Li-ion/Li-polymer Battery Cell Voltages
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New Product: R5602 Series, New Analog Front-end IC for Monitoring 4- to 7-cell Li-ion/Li-polymer Battery Cell Voltages

Apr. 15, 2021
Ricoh Electronic Devices Co., Ltd.

Ricoh Electronics Devices Co., Ltd. has launched the R5602 series, an analog front-end IC suitable for use in monitoring 4- to 7-cell battery’s cell voltages.

Battery protection has been becoming more important to ensure safety in applications using Li-ion batteries such as power tools, cleaners, electric assist bicycles, E-bikes, drones, power storages, etc. On the other hand, as operation control is becoming more complicated, an increasing number of these applications have come to adopt protection by the combination of an MCU and an analog front-end IC (hereafter, AFE) instead of conventional protective methods by hardware.

The R5602 series can help construct high-value-added, sophisticated applications using Li-ion batteries. It can prolong the lifetime of lithium batteries with its high-accuracy voltage monitoring and low power consumption. In addition, adopting high-side Nch drive can simplify the circuit structure of a system and reduce the cost for external components. Furthermore, no limitation in cell connection sequence can reduce cost for battery pack assembly.

The R5602 series adopts QFN0505-32C as its package, which enables high-density mounting thanks to the small size.

The new AFE will, by combining it with an MCU, contribute to constructing lithium-battery-powered applications which achieve high accuracy monitoring and low power consumption.

R5602 Series (QFN0505-32C)

Key Features of R5602 Series

The R5602 series is an analog front-end IC which can achieve high-accuracy monitoring and low power consumption, suitable for multi-cell Li-ion battery monitoring.

1. High-accuracy Voltage Monitoring

Cell Voltage Monitor Input Range: 1.5 V to 4.5 V, Accuracy: ±30 mV *1
The IC eliminates the imbalance between cell voltages by suitably operating cell balancing operations.

*1 Values within operating temperature of -20 to 85°C and ADC-Vref Errors included.

2. Ultra-low Power Consumption

Active Mode: Typ. 150 µA, Standby Mode: Max. 1.0 μA
The IC can reduce power consumption considerably by switching the CE input signal and turning to standby mode.

3. High-side Nch FET Control

The feature contributes to easily constructing a circuit, selecting components, and reducing cost.

4. Built-in Switch for Open-Wire Detection

The built-in switch will help enhance the safety and security of applications.

5. No Limitation in Cell Connection Sequence at CE=L

This simplifies battery pack assembly process and reduces manufacturing cost.

6. Package

QFN0505-32C (5.0×5.0×0.8(max) mm) is adopted for the new IC. The small package will reduce mounting size.

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