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Executive Message

Photo: Satoru TajiSatoru Taji

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone, thank you very much for your tremendous pleasure.

Ricoh's semiconductor business began as a division of Ricoh Co., Ltd. in 1981 and has been developing business over 30 years including external sales, but in order to make quick business decisions in the rapidly changing semiconductor industry , Restarted as Ricoh Electronics Device Co., Ltd. from October 2014.

In addition, from March 2018, we will aim for further growth as a member of Nisshinbo Holdings.

We have a consistent function from planning of semiconductor devices to development, production, sales and quality assurance.
And with CMOS analog technology which realized commercialization ahead of the world as the core, we are developing a compact, low power consumption power IC for the mobile equipment market, high voltage, high current, high performance for the in-vehicle / We are supplying power ICs featuring features as a compact and highly accurate protection IC for the Li ion battery market, contributing to the added value improvement of customer products.

Furthermore, we utilize device manufacturing technology that we have cultivated independently, and we have gained high evaluation by conducting COT (Customer Owned Tooling) service through a process customized to customer's request.
We will continue to develop new high value added analog technologies and products through these products in the future and enhance the presence in the environmentally friendly energy management market.

By accurately grasping customer and market needs and providing unique solutions, we aim to become a global specialty company with the top share in our field of expertise.
For that purpose, we will continue to make efforts to develop and maintain close partnerships with customers and cooperating companies so that we can further develop and contribute.

We look forward to your continued support of Ricoh Electronics Device Co., Ltd.

Satoru Taji
Ricoh Electronic Devices Co., Ltd.