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Electrification of automobile by RICOH power management IC

High-voltage Products

Design of Mild Hybrid System with RICOH Power Management IC

High-voltage Products

48 V mild hybrid system is one of the options to cope with electromobility which is accelerated by the CO2 emissions regulations.

Compared with the strong hybrid system using high voltage, the mild hybrid system can be less expensive and easily mounted on vehicles.
Also, compared to the current 12 V system, the mild hybrid system has been put into practical use in Europe to improve system efficiency and reduce the size and simplify the parts.

Hybrid system comparison

  Weight Motor Battery Electric Mode Driving Cost
Mild Hybrid Light Small Small No Less Expensive
Strong Hybrid Heavy Big Big Yes Expensive

Direct power supply from 48 V battery

In order to support the design of your mild hybrid system, RICOH has a range of products with operation up to 60 V (maximum rating 80 V). Simple system configuration is realized by supplying power directly from 48 V battery.

R1560 / R1561 / R3160 combines the features of RICOH, low current consumption, fast transient response, and high precision.

Non high-voltage products

Non high-voltage products

R1560 / R1561 / R3160

R1560 / R1561 / R3160

LDO Regulators (Linear Regulators)

Product Name VIN VOUT ISS Load Regulation *
R1560 5.5 V to 60.0 V 1.8 V to 14.0 V Typ. 3.0 µA Typ. 30 mV
R1561 5.5 V to 60.0 V 1.8 V to 14.0 V Typ. 20.0 µA Typ. 3 mV

* : VIN = 8 V, 1 mA ≤ IOUT ≤ 100 mA

Reset ICs (Voltage Detectors)

Product Name VDD VDET ISS
R3160 2.7 V to 60.0 V 10.0 V to 48.0 V Typ. 1.8 µA

Products for Automotive

Ricoh offers a wide range of innovative technologies for automotive applications from on-vehicle electrical equipment to in-vehicle accessory.
A severe quality control, which varies from the consumer products, is performed for automotive products including a reliability test of AEC-Q100 qualification and a traceability system.