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Electrification of automobile by RICOH power management IC

Quality Rank for Automotive Applications

Quality Rank for Automotive Applications

Various equipment with varying quality requirement levels are installed in automobiles, ranging from equipment that controls running, turning, and stopping to car accessories such as audio and navigation.

Ricoh's automotive power management IC is divided into three quality ranks according to the application so that we can provide products matching the customer's requested quality.
Please use the product of the quality rank and class suitable for each purpose.

Three Quality Ranks and Six Quality Classes

Applications Quality
Tamax Screening
85°C 105°C 110°C 125°C Low 25°C High
Rank 1 Safety Critical Parts (Operation control system)
Safety Critical Parts (Operation control system)


    * * * * *


      * * * *
Rank 2 General Equipment (Body system)
General Equipment (Body system)
K       * * * *
J   *     * * *
H *       * * *
Rank 3 Accessories
A * *   *   * *

To improve quality level to match quality rank, inspections are strengthened at various process.
Quality class R / K / J / H products have different Ta, but a product belongs to only in one of them.
The operating temperature range depends on the product. Refer to the datasheet for details.
Quality class R products undergo reflow stress screening.

Product List

Traceability management is implemented for automotive power management ICs with all ranks.
Please click here for details.

Products for Automotive

Ricoh offers a wide range of innovative technologies for automotive applications from on-vehicle electrical equipment to in-vehicle accessory.
A severe quality control, which varies from the consumer products, is performed for automotive products including a reliability test of AEC-Q100 qualification and a traceability system.