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Products for Automotive

Our ICs for automotive achieve high-voltage resistance and low supply current by our own CMOS process and circuit design technologies.
In order to offer safe and secure ICs to our customers, we conduct reliability tests meeting the standards of AEC-Q100, establishment of sales and manufacturing traceability systems, and strict quality management.
Keeping in step with the electrification of cars, we will provide our customers with a wide variety of ICs that can support safety and security.

Quality Class for Automotive

Three quality ranks are prepared for products for automotive according to applications. Choose the quality rank products that best suit the usage.

Quality Rank Applications Quality
Test Temperature Product
Rank 1 Safety-critical Parts
(Driving Control System)
R8 -40°C to 125°C
-40°C to 110°C
Low, 25°C, High Sales,
R -40°C to 125°C Low, 25°C, High
Rank 2 General Equipment
(Body System)
K -40°C to 125°C Low, 25°C, High
J -40°C to 105°C
H -40°C to  85°C
Rank 3 Accessories A -40°C to 125°C
-40°C to 105°C
-40°C to  85°C
25°C, High

To improve quality level to match quality rank, inspections are strengthened at various process.
Quality class R / K / J / H products have different Ta, but a product belongs to only in one of them.
The operating temperature range depends on the product. Refer to the datasheet for details.
Quality class R products undergo reflow stress screening.

Special Contents for Automotive Applications

Electrification of automobile by RICOH power management IC

Please let us introduce RICOH power management ICs for automotive applications that have been supporting their electrification for over 20 years.