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Application Block for i.MX6

A high performance SoC is applied to industrial applications like handy terminals, POS terminals and panel computers. Ricoh Electronic Devices has one-chip solutions: PMU (Power Management Unit) for NXP Semiconductors i.MX6 which is a popular SoC in the market.

In our PMU line-up, the RN5T568 supports almost all the power sources which the i.MX6 SoC series requires.

The RN5T568 contains 4 step-down DC/DC converters, 7 LDO regulators, 4 reset ICs, a power control circuit, I2C bass interface, GPIO and thermal shutdown. Meeting the requirements of the SoC by a single chip, the RN5T568 is useful to reduce the development time and cost of applications and mounting area. In addition, high efficiency DC/DC converters and low noise LDO regulators can reduce supply current and enhance accuracy of the system.

In the case power source is DC 24 V or DC 12 V, please use a step-down DC/DC converter whose MAX input voltage is 30 V or 34 V together.

i.MX6 Solo / Dual Lite

For i.MX6

i.MX6 Quad / Dual

For i.MX6

Recommended Items

Product Name Function
R1245 1.2A 30V Input PWM Step-down DC/DC Converter
R1243 2A 30V Input PWM Step-down DC/DC Converter
R1242 3A 30V Input PWM Step-down DC/DC Converter with Synchronous Rectifier Ext. Low-side Tr.
R1270 3A 34V Input PWM/VFM Step-down DC/DC Converter with PLL Synchronization
RN5T568 Power Management System Device
NJW4118T1 ±2.0A DDR Termination RegulatorNew Japan Radio

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