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Products for Consumer/IoT Devices

Our ICs for consumer features low supply current, high accuracy, high-voltage durability, and large current.
Various packages are prepared for these ICs, such as extremely small packages and high heat dissipation ones.


Power Management ICs for General Purpose

LDO linear regulators featuring low supply current and high accuracy, even meeting the needs for low to high voltages and for large current; a series of voltage tracker featuring high electromagnetic interference (EMI) noise immunity; DC/DC converters with abundant protection functions, designed not only for general use but also for specific use like energy harvesting, IoT products, LED lighting; voltage detectors (reset ICs) and watchdog timers (WDTs) with high detection accuracy, suitable to fabricate functional safety systems assisting safe operations, etc.

ICs for Li-ion Battery

Li-ion battery protection ICs featuring high accuracy, low supply current and various protections that contribute to enhancing the safety of customers' products, etc.

ICs for Communication and Other Ambient Devices

RTCs including a clock adjust function which correct such as variations of the crystal oscillator frequency, frequency deviation caused by temperature, and so on; Power delivery controller ICs meeting the USB Type-C Connector and the USB Power Delivery Standards, etc.