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High quality achievements

Ricoh decides quality policy based on our mission, offering "reliable, satisfying and exciting" products.
For instance, high-precision CAD in design, foreign matter reduction activities and SPC management in manufacturing, and SBL management in screening, can make us possible to provide products with high-quality.

As a result, we have achieved a market return rate of 0.1 ppm or less, while billions of power management IC products are shipped annually. This high quality is a major reason for many customers to choose Ricoh products.

Achieved less than 0.1 ppm for 10 consecutive years

Shipment quantity and Return rate

Activities for delivering high quality products

Based on ISO 9001 and TS 16949 quality management systems, Ricoh is conducting various kinds of activities in each manufacturing process to maintain delivering high quality products.
SPC management and foreign matter reduction in the manufacturing, utilization of high precision CAD and design for test (DFT) in design, and regular quality conference and failure improvement committee in management system are the example of the activities.

Quality management system