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Assisting Construction of IoT Systems

Easier Way of Developing IoT Systems with Modules

Modules Useful for Complicated IoT Systems

We have modularized a power supply circuit necessary for IoT systems. The modules will save trouble in designing power supply circuits.


To Lead Success in IoT System Construction

One of the problems inseparable from utilizing IoT* is that customers have to design a power supply circuit suitable for each device or each appliance.
To reduce the trouble of designing power supply circuits, Ricoh Electronic Devices provides our customers with a module useful for IoT systems. (* IoT: Internet of Things)

RIoT Environment Sensing Board

RIoT Environment Sensing Board

An evaluation board which obtains and transmits information on ambient temperature, humidity, air pressure, and illuminance. The sensing board achieves independent power generation, prolongation of battery operating time, and high-accuracy sensing, all of which IoT edge devices require.

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For IoT Devices

Supporting your IoT system construction

We develop optimum power management ICs for IoT and manufacture them at our own plant.