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Supporting your IoT system construction

Low electromotive force

Collecting power supply is important to IoT system.
However, replacing/charging battery can be difficult depending on the design, or the location where it is placed.

One possible way to supply power is using the energy harvesting technology.*

* Energy harvesting technology: A technology to harvest or scavenge rarefied energy exists in the environment such as light, vibration, and heat, and convert it into power.

Power management IC supports energy harvesting technology

Ricoh's buck DC/DC converter for a photovoltaic and vibration energy harvesting achieves a nano-watt-order low electromotive force. This product is suitable when the power supplied from harvester is very low.

Incorporating our low electromotive power management IC and the energy harvesting module supplied by the harvester which needs electromotive efficiency such as DSSC and OPV* enables a power extraction under an environment where illuminance is low.

*DSSC: Dye Sensitized Solar Cell, OPV: Organic Photovoltaics. They have been attracting attention as new batteries for energy harvesting. Their benefits are lightweight, easily formed into various shapes, and low cost. However, the efficiency of electromotive is limited comparing to the polysilicon type photovoltaic cell.