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Supporting your IoT system construction

Battery monitoring

With expansion of IoT market, IoT devices with sensors, microcomputers, ICs for communication devices and so on are required to provide long-term battery operation and smaller size.

Furthermore, these IoT devices are facing increasing demand for battery voltage monitoring.

Power management IC capable of battery voltage monitoring

Ricoh’s power management IC capable of battery voltage monitoring helps to reduce the size, prolong battery life and contribute to long-term operation of IoT devices.

The power management IC with the battery monitor pin helps to decrease the number of IoT application’s components and brings the reduction of the leakage current. Since this leakage current is closely related to battery lifetime, reducing current supply for a whole system leads to longer battery lifetime, long-term operation then reduction in labor hour for battery exchange.

By the battery voltage monitoring with high-accuracy of ±20mV, the increment of supply current is externely small, 0.1 µA or less even if the monitoring is added.

Example of the battery monitoring

The ADC built in the MCU measures the buffer output of 1/3 or 1/4 of the battery voltage and it makes possible that the remaining charge left in the battery is displayed corresponding to three grades.

Example of the battery monitoring