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Power Management Multi-channel ICs (PMICs)

Suitable for Consumer and Industrial Field !

Do you know our PMICs?

We are the first company in the industry*1 to have developed and mass-produced for mobile phones CMOS-based system ICs which contained a power management unit and an audio codec*2.

In the late 1990s, when the leading telecommunications device started to shift from pagers to cell phones,
we began our PMIC history with the development of system PMICs for automobile telephones.

Our Strengths

Long Expererience and Achievements 


In 1998, as an analog LSI manufacturer, we started developing unprecedented system PMICs for automobile telephones.

Subsequently, many electronic product manufacturers adopted our PMICs to their folding cell phones, which enabled us to accumulate many achievements and experience on PMICs. In addition, in order to meet the market's low current consumption requirements, we developed the CMOS analog power supply circuit technology specialized in low power consumption such as our own ECO mode control and accumulated power management technology for the entire system. This resulted in our PMIC achieving the industry's top-class long life performance of a battery at the time. With the technology we have developed through our PMIC experience, we will contribute to meeting your needs for low current consumption.

In the golden days of folding cell phones,
almost all the top Japanese cell phone manufacturers have adopted our PMICs!

Trust Indicated by Shipping Records

Based on the deep trust from our customers, we have

released more than 100 products, and shipped more than 400 million pieces

for embedded SoCs used in consumer, industrial, and automotive equipment.

Recommendation Achievements

Our PMICs are qualified as recommended system power supply by a lot of SoC vendors.

Recommendations from SoC Vendors

Soc/FPGA Model No. Adopted Application Name of Our PMIC
Amlogic S905 Consumer (STB) RN5T567 / RN5T568
S802 Consumer (STB) RN5T618
A111 Consumer (STB) RN5T567 / RN5T568
Ingenic X1000 Reference Board RN5T567 / RN5T568 /  RN5T618
X1500 Industrial (mobile devices) RN5T567 / RN5T568
X1803 Industrial (mobile devices), Consumer (AV) RN5T567 / RN5T568
M200 Consumer (educational gadgets) RC5T619
Qualcomm (CSR) Atlas7 Consumer/Automotive (navigations) RN5T568 / RN5T569
RockChip RK3288 Signage etc. RN5T568 / RC5T619
RK3188 Consumer (mobile devices) RC5T619
PK3 Consumer (STB) RN5T618
Toshiba TZ2100 Industrial (communication devices) RN5T568

Partner Board Qualifications

Avnet Integrated


Ka-Ro electronics 

● QS8M Series
● TX6 Series


● NXP i.MX7 module Colibri iMX7

Zhuhai MYZR technology co.,LTD

● MY-IMX6-CB336
● MY-IMX8M-CB314

Applications & Adopted PMICs

Not only consumer but also industrial and automotive products have adopted our PMICs!

Our PMICs have been used in various applications including car navigations, set-top boxes, wearable devices, and boards for industrial equipment.

Soc/FPGA Model No. Application Name of Our PMIC
NXP i.MX6 Industrial (panel PC) RN5T567
Industrial (security) RN5T568
Automotive (Information system) RN5T569
i.MX7 Industrial  (monitor) RN5T569
Intel CycloneIV Industrial  (mobile devices) RN5T567
CycloneV RN5T568
Broadcom 5830 Industrial  (mobile devices) RN5T567
Ambarella A5S66 OA equipment RN5T567
Renesas RZ series Household equipment (security) RN5T568
SH7766 Automotive devices (camera) RN5T569
Telechips TCC8971 Automotive (navigations) RN5T569
XILINX Zynq-7010 Industrial (communication devices) RN5T568
Industrial  (Communication) RN5T568
Industrial  (Tester) RN5T568

Comprehensive Support

We will support our customers anywhere anytime.

Support for Security

Our skillful FAEs with long experience on PMIC development will promptly respond to your problems and anxiety about our PMICs!

Support for Safety

We can deal with the anxiety common with the industry field!

Product Longevity Program (PLP)

Special Contents

Support Worldwide

Global Support Available
in Europe, the U.S.,
China, Korea, Taiwan, etc.

Customers' Comments

Many SoC manufacturers worldwide have adopted many of our PMICs and have given us good reputations.

Easy to use thanks to their small-package PMICs.
Went well with our SoC power-supply requirements.
Superior in performance!
Good total balance!
Reliable enough to be adopted in automotive and industrial products!
Product Longevity Product was valid.

Our PMICs can be optimized for your products flexibly.

Please feel free to contact us.

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  • *1 An in-company investigation.
  • *2 One-chip LSI with not less than 140 pins, which accumulates such as multiple voltage regulators, charging controllers, audio codecs, and peripheral parts by CMOS processing.