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Manufacturing Service

Wafer Foundry Services

We offer Wafer Foundry Services of 150mm and 200mm process, by using CMOS analog processes cultivated by based on our own analog products. We would modify our analog processes according to customers' requirements flexibly. Please feel free to contact us.

Technology: CMOS analog processes

Ricoh's manufacturing service offers the following basic processes with Design Rules and Spice Parameters, including TEG's for the evaluation of Analog Characteristics.

Process & Options

Feature / Prosess 0.8µm
0.6µm 0.5µm 0.35µm
Max. Operating Voltage
for LV core Tr. 
6.0V 6.0V 3.6V/6.5V 3.3V/5.0V/6.5V
Multi Vth (Low, Dep) * * * *
16V Transistor Option   *  
20V Transistor Option   *    
30V Transistor Option   *    
40V Transistor Option   *  
50V Transistor Option   *  
BJT: Vertical/Lateral PNP   VPNP VPNP
Triple Well  
Thin Film Resister *   TBA
High Resistivity Polysilicon
Low TC Resistor
Depletion Capacitor
PiP Capacitor  
Laser Fuse Technology
Number of Metal Layers 2 3 3 4
Buffer Coat (PBO) * * *
Thick Metal Interconnect *   *

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