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Trouble shooting-Additional Voltage Detector (Reset IC) solves the problem

Trouble shooting-Additional LDO solves the problem

Checking circuit itself seemed to be OK, but a trouble is detected! As is often the case with such a trouble, an additional component is used.

Here, the actual trouble shooting example is introduced. It might be useful to choose a device not only for trouble shooting but also just a simple component's selection.

Case 2:Additional Voltage Detector(Reset IC) solves the problem

Voltage Detector ICs are generally used as supervisory circuits for power supply for uCons. However, uCons usually have the supervisory function of their own. The role of the voltage detector ICs is not only such a supervisory circuit.

This example is such a case, an additional VD solves the problem.

Background of the trouble

When an application wakes up by using a mechanical switch, an input node for the MOSFET driven by the mechanical switch should be "L" for a certain time. However, the voltage was unstable for a low percentage in mass production and found it to be 100% secured the level as "L".

The circuit design change opportunity is limited, and area size is also limited. 


Customer's issue and condition confirmation

To solve the problem, some critical points must be considered.

Check points
Customer's issue and condition confirmation (Check points)
When the mechanical switch is pushed, the input is pulled down, and when the switch is released, then the input is pulled up to 3V. The role of the mechanical switch
The mechanical switch is connected to the gate of a MOSFET, the gate voltage should be stable "H" or "L" level. To turn on and off of the MOSFET, the "L" level should be close to 0V, and "H" level should be close to 1.8V. The appropriate voltage to drive the connected MOSFET
For using a voltage detector to solve the problem, the input voltage is beyond the threshold from "L" to "H", the released delay time is necessary. Delay time (for keeping "L" level before changin into "H")
The mount area size should be small as possible. Mount Area Size

The voltage detector IC could be used in such a trouble shooting mentioned above.



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