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How should I select an equivalent series resistor?


LDO Linear RegulatorsHow to use

Ceramic capacitors are recommended for the latest LDO regulators.

Select a capacitor whose ESR characteristic is within the hatched area in the figure titled ESR vs. Output Current on datasheets, even when you select a capacitor except a ceramic type.

Equivalent Series Resistance vs. Output Current

R1116 Series Example

The relations between IOUT (Output Current) and ESR of an output capacitor are shown right.
The conditions when the white noise level is under 40 µV (Avg.) are shown by the hatched area in the graph.

Measurement conditions
C2 GRM155B30J105KE18B (Murata)
Noise Frequency Band 10 Hz to 1 MHz
Measurement Temperature 25°C
Hatched Area Noise level below 40 µV
(average value)
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