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How should I interpret product labels?



The following information is included in the product label.

ex. Barcode labels (code 39) with a QR code

ex. Barcode labels

  • 1.Product Formal Name, Number of the Product
  • 2.Mark Lot No., Company Code (Fixed)
  • 3.Product Formal Name
  • 4.Number of the Product
  • 5.Manufacturing Lot No.
  • 6.Wafer Lot No.
  • 7.Quality Approved Date

Explanation about Lot No.

Mark Lot No. A lot number marked on the product
Manufacturing Lot No. The lot number at assembly process
Wafer Lot No. The lot number at wafer process

Data Included in the QR code

The QR code includes the following data:

"Product Name", "Number of the Product", "QC LOT (Manufacturing Lot No.)", "Wafer Lot No."

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