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Is the release voltage of a voltage detector configurable?


Voltage Detectors (Reset ICs)Function

We prepare voltage detectors (reset ICs) whose release voltage, as well as the detector threshold, can be configured.

Detector threshold voltage and release voltage are the essential voltage specifications of a voltage detector.
It detects abnormality and outputs a reset signal when the monitoring voltage is lower than the detector threshold. Also, it releases the reset state by confirming the monitoring voltage becoming higher than the release voltage.

In case of a general reset IC, only the detector threshold voltage is configurable. The release voltage is determined by the detector threshold hysteresis fixed inside the IC.
For some applications, however, it is more desirable for customers to configure both the detector threshold and the release voltage.
In that occasion, we highly recommend using our unique voltage detectors.

Our voltage detectors with configurable detector threshold and release voltage feature high accuracy of ±1.5% (Ta = 25℃), and are able to set both detection and release delay times with external capacitors.
They have a maximum input voltage of 36 V, and the detector threshold can be set up to 10 V.
Besides, various types of voltage detectors are prepared: a type with a SENSE pin to separate the voltage monitoring from the power supply; a type whose output form customers can select from "H" or "L", etc.


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