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What is a window voltage detector? Where is it used?


Voltage Detectors (Reset ICs)Function

A voltage detector in general outputs a signal when detecting either the monitoring voltage increase or its decrease.

A window voltage detector, on the other hand, outputs a detection signal when the monitoring voltage becomes out of a certain range regardless of whether it is over or under the range. It is able to supervise whether the monitoring power supply is within the normal range. It is mainly adopted for automotive ECU, ASIL-B/C/D systems such as ADAS, inverters and charge controlling units in electrical vehicles, etc.

Timing Chart

  • Outputs a reset signal not only when the output voltage overshoots but also when it undershoots.
  • Contains reset outputs for UV / OV respectively.
    (Some products have a merged UV/OV output pin.)
  • There are needs to differentiate UV/OV output from each other for failure diagnosis.
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