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What is the MPPC function?


DC/DC Switching RegulatorsFunction

MPPC stands for Maximum Power Point Control which is contained in the R1800 and R1801 series, buck DC/DC converters for energy harvesters.

By activating the converter at the voltage where the photovoltaic element generates its maximum power, the DC/DC converter can extract electric power efficiently.

The maximum power point voltage of the R1800 series is configurable in the range of 2.0 V to 5.3 V in 0.1 V step, while the maximum power point voltage of R1801 series is in the range of 2.7 V to 5.3 V with ±300 mV adjustment in 0.1 V step by logic pins' control for the nominal voltage.

So the R1800 is able to be used with various photovoltaic elements, and the R1801 is suitable for using the evaluation of harvesting system or optimising the system depending on harvesters' characteristics.

MPPC method

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