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FAQ : DC/DC Switching Regulators

When the input voltage was raised steeply from a low value, the output of the DC/DC converter may overshoot. Why did this happen? How should I take measures against this problem?

What is the MPPC function?

In what way is a DC/DC converter for energy harvesters different from other converters?

What does 'SSCG' stand for? What can be expected from SSCG?

What is hiccup protection in DC/DC converters? What is the difference between latch protection and hiccup protection?

What is the difference between forced PWM and normal PWM? Which type of PWM control device should I choose in what case?

What is an over-current protection (OCP)?

How should I measure the efficiency of a DC/DC converter? What should be taken into consideration for the measurement?

What must be taken into account if CE pin is tied to VDD pin? Is it necessary to pull up CE pin to VDD pin by a resistor?

What is the difference between LDO's standby current and supply current? How much voltage does an LDO regulator output at its standby mode?

What is sequence control?

What is LED dimming control? How can it be done?

What is a shutdown function?

What is externally programmable maximum duty cycle?

How does a BST pin function?

What is externally adjustable phase compensation?

What is the difference between diode rectification and synchronous rectification?

What is the difference between DC/DC converters and DC/DC controllers?

What is an under-voltage lockout (UVLO) function?

What is an overvoltage protection (OVP)?

What is a current limit function?

What is a soft-start function?

What does externally adjustable output voltage mean?

What is an auto-discharge function?

What is a reverse current protection circuit?

What is a thermal shutdown circuit?

How should external components be located on a PCB?

How should I select an inductor for a DC/DC converter?

What must be taken into account to lay out PCB?

At what point is a source voltage applied to a CE pin?

What is the difference between DC/DC converters and LDO regulators?

What will happen if the CE is at high impedance?

What does "Output Current min." on datasheets mean?

What is the difference between PWM control and VFM control?