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FAQ : Function

What is Zero volt switching (ZVS)? Why is the loss reduced by ZVS?

What function does an OVP switch have? Where is it used?

What is shipping mode? In what kind of applications is the mode used?

What is an inhibit function of a watchdog timer? In what case, the inhibit function is used?

What is the MPPC function?

What does 'SSCG' stand for? What can be expected from SSCG?

What is the difference between forced PWM and normal PWM? Which type of PWM control device should I choose in what case?

What is an alarm function that is contained in the R5464 Series, a 2-cell Li-ion battery protection IC?

Tell me about hysteresis of a voltage detector. How does a voltage detector output within the hysteresis?

What is a window voltage detector? Where is it used?

Is the release voltage of a voltage detector configurable?

What is sequence control?

What is LED dimming control? How can it be done?

What is a shutdown function?

What is externally programmable maximum duty cycle?

How does a BST pin function?

What is the difference between DC/DC converters and DC/DC controllers?

What is a programmable calibration adjustment?

What is a battery backup switch-over circuit?

What is an ECO function?

What is a soft-start function?

What are a SENSE pin and a manual reset (MR) pin?

What is a window watchdog timer?

What is an auto-discharge function?

What is an clock data validation?

What is a power on reset?

What is a release output delay function?

What is the difference between PWM control and VFM control?