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FAQ : How to use

How should I measure the efficiency of a DC/DC converter? What should be taken into consideration for the measurement?

How should I calculate the external divider resistors’ value when I set the output voltage of an output voltage of adjustable type LDO?

What must be taken into account if CE pin is tied to VDD pin? Is it necessary to pull up CE pin to VDD pin by a resistor?

Tell me the order to connect the terminals of a protection circuit using a multi-cell Li-ion battery protection IC to the battery cell’s terminals.

For what are Li-ion battery second protection ICs necessary? In what applications are they used?

In what order should I connect the input pins of a Li-ion battery second protection IC? How does an erroneous connection order affect the IC and the system?

Can a Li-ion battery protection IC function as a protection for a Li-ion capacitor?

Is there any IC applicable for protecting a 48 V battery pack (12 or 15 cells connected in series)? What should I take into account to use the IC?

What will happen if the output voltage becomes higher than the input voltage? How can I take measures against the state?

What are the characteristics of a negative voltage LDO regulator? Where is it used?

What is a voltage tracker? How is it used?

What is load regulation? What is the difference between load transient response and load regulation?

How can I figure out the efficiency of an LDO regulator?

What is line regulation? How can I calculate the output voltage change by considering the line regulation?

What is the meaning of Dropout Voltage in the specifications of an LDO regulator? In what way can LDO regulators with low dropout voltage be used?

What is the supply current of an LDO regulator? What are the merits and demerits of using an LDO regulator with low supply current?

What is the difference between LDO's standby current and supply current? How much voltage does an LDO regulator output at its standby mode?

What is Nch open drain output mentioned as a feature of a voltage detector? How should I estimate the output voltage when the output is at 'L' state?

What is externally adjustable phase compensation?

What does externally adjustable output voltage mean?

What will happen if the input voltage becomes lower than the output voltage?

How should external components be located on a PCB?

What should be considered when using reset ICs?

How should I select an inductor for a DC/DC converter?

How should I select an equivalent series resistor?

At what point is a source voltage applied to a CE pin?

What must be taken into account to construct a phase compensation circuit?

What will happen if the CE is at high impedance?

How should I select a pull-up resistor for a voltage detector?

How can I calculate the dropout voltage of an LDO regulator?

What does "Output Current min." on datasheets mean?

How can I make full advantage of the auto-discharge function?