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We have a consistent function from planning of semiconductor devices to development, production, sales and quality assurance. And with CMOS analog technology which realized commercialization ahead of the world as the core, we are developing a compact, low power consumption power IC for the mobile equipment market, high voltage, high current, high performance for the in-vehicle / We are supplying power ICs featuring features as a compact and highly accurate protection IC for the Li ion battery market, contributing to the added value improvement of customer products.

Power Management ICs

According to the use intended by customers, we have a broad lineup of consumer, industrial, and automotive products.

Operational Amplifiers & Comparators

Battery Management ICs

Li-ion battery protection ICs featuring high accuracy, low supply current and various protections that contribute to enhancing the safety of customers' products, etc.

Mixed Signal ICs / Digital ICs

RTCs including a clock adjust function which correct such as variations of the crystal oscillator frequency, frequency deviation caused by temperature, and so on; Power delivery controller ICs meeting the USB Type-C Connector and the USB Power Delivery Standards, etc.

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