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LED Driver Controller

Looking ahead to the future smart society, Ricoh Electronic Devices has a lineup of power management ICs for LED lighting that help our customers create new values in their products.
For systems using LEDs, we provide a constant current LED driver controller supporting flicker-free operation, a PFC/LED driver controller with variable output current and voltage suitable for power factor control,
DC/DC switching regulators optimized for various lighting equipment, etc.

Constant Current LED Driver Controller

The LED driver controller enables constructing LED lighting that shines gently to the eyes.
FA equipment and LED lighting for facilities directly powered by DC voltage, stage lighting or amusement lighting systems which require large current and wide dimming range, and image recognition lighting for FA where removing flickers is essential at photographing, can be constructed with our LED driver.
Of course, it can be used as a general constant current driver in any type of device that requires a constant current source.

Product Name VIN
Voltage [V]
PKG Features
R1580N001A 3.6 34 140 1 100 0.4 SOT-23-6  
R1580N002A 3.6 34 140 0.5 100 0.8 SOT-23-6 High Accuracy Dimming
R1580N003A 3.6 34 28 1 100 0.4 SOT-23-6 Low Standby Current

PFC/LED Driver Controller with Variable Output Current and Voltage

To improve power factor of LED lighting and consumer equipment, our zero voltage switching (ZVS) PFC/LED driver controller, featuring variable output current and voltage, is a suitable IC.
The buck-boost (inverting) topology makes it possible to arbitrarily configure the output voltage regardless of its PFC feature.
Also, flicker-free lighting equipment can be easily constructed by combining with the R1580, our constant current LED driver controller.

Product Name Latch-type Protection FB Pin UVD FB Pin OVP Voltage PKG
R1700V001A Yes No Typ. 1.2 V (Rising) SSOP-16
R1700V001B No No Typ. 1.2 V (Rising) SSOP-16
R1700V001C Yes Yes Typ. 3.65 V (Rising) SSOP-16
R1700V001D No Yes Typ. 3.65 V (Rising) SSOP-16

DC/DC Switching Regulators

We have a lineup of DC/DC switching regulators optimized for lighting applications such as LEDs, PMOLEDs, LCDs, OLEDs, CCDs, etc.
The lineup contains boost DC/DC converters, boost and inverting converters in a single chip, DC/DC converters including an LDO regulator and an amplifier, etc. Select the suitable converters according to your usage.