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Li-ion Battery Protection ICs Serial Content

Will Li-ion Battery Protection ICs Never Perish?

This is a series of columns written by Akihiko Fujiwara, our "expert in battery protection ICs." He will tell you about the history, transitions in applications, and trouble shootings related to protection ICs which ensure the safety and security of Li-ion batteries behind the scenes.

Author's Profile

Akihiko Fujiwara

RICOH Electronic Devices Co., Ltd.

Akihiko Fujiwara has engaged himself in product planning and designing of our Li-ion battery protection ICs since 1990s, the dawn of secondary Li-ion batteries, which has made him famous in the industry. Now as an "expert in protection ICs," he devotes himself to marketing and planning and leads the path of protection ICs we should take, through collecting information on the latest trends in batteries and protection ICs worldwide.