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Power Management IC

RN5T566A is the power management IC for GPS. It integrates 2 high-efficiency step-down DCDC controllers, 5 low dropout regulators, power control logic, 3 voltage detections, thermal shut-down, UVLO and etc.


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High Efficiency Synchronous Step-down DCDC Converters

  • DC/DC1 1.15~1.90V by external resistors @ 700mA (for Memory)
  • DC/DC2 1.00~1.30V by external resistors @ 1A (for Core)
  • Soft-start circuit (DCDC1, 2)

Low Drop Voltage Regulator

  • LDO1 3.3V by trimming @ 150mA (for Analog)
  • LDO2 1.7~3.3V by external resistors @ 300mA (for I/O)
  • LDO3 1.1V by trimming @ 20mA (for PLL)
  • LDO4 1.7~3.3V by external resistors @ 100mA (for RF)
  • LDO5 3.3V by trimming @ 5mA with reverse protection (for RTC)
  • ON/OFF control through pin (LDO1, LDO2, LDO3, LDO4)
  • Over current protection


  • UVLO
  • Thermal shut-down
  • Voltage detection for RTC reset (LDO5 voltage monitor)
  • Voltage detection for battery and adapter voltage detection (External circuit PIN)


  • QFN0606-36pin (size=6.0x6.0mm, pitch=0.5mm, t=0.9mm)


  • CMOS process


  • Portable Device (Tablet, Smart Phone, MID, GPS-PND etc.)
  • Information Appliance (STB, HDMI-Dongle etc.)


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