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Excellent EMI Immunity Rail-to-Rail Input, Open-Drain Output Low power CMOS Comparators

  • Consumer
  • PLP
  • RoHS

The NJU77240/NJU77241 are rail-to-rail input CMOS comparators featuring low-power and open drain output.

These comparators operate from 1.8V to 5.5V and low supply current of 6μA typ. This feature is suitable for battery powered application.

The NJU77241 are available in small size package, DFN6-G1 (1616), significantly reducing the required portable application's board area.


  • Rail-to-Rail Input
  • Open-Drain Output
  • Supply Current : 6μA typ.
  • Propagation Delay : 840ns typ.
  • Operating Voltage : 1.8 to 5.5V
  • Input Offset Voltage : 6mV max.
  • Operating Temperature : -40 to 125°C
  • Integrated EMI filter : EMIRR=62dB typ. @f=900MHz
  • Package
    NJU77240 : SOT-23-5, SC88A
    NJU77241 : SOT-23-5, SC88A, DFN6-G1 (ESON6-G1)

(V+=3V, V-=0V, Ta=25°C)


  • Portable and Battery-Powered Applications
  • Alarm and Surveillance Circuits
  • Industrial Instruments
  • Sensor Applications


Series Name Product Name Compatibility ch. Package
NJU77240 NJU77240F ConsumerPLP 1ch SOT-23-5
NJU77240F3 ConsumerPLP 1ch SC-88A
NJU77241 NJU77241F ConsumerPLP 1ch SOT-23-5
NJU77241F3 ConsumerPLP 1ch SC-88A
NJU77241KG1 Consumer 1ch DFN6-G1 (ESON6-G1)
NJU77242 NJU77242RB1 ConsumerPLP 2ch MSOP8 (TVSP8)
NJU77242KU1 Consumer 2ch DFN8-U1 (ESON8-U1)


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