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R3200 Series

Reset Timer IC

  • RoHS

The R3200 is a reset timer IC with two input signals for mobile equipment which require long interval for reset sequence. The long interval prevents unexpected resets caused by accidental key operations. The R3200 has two active-low input pins (SR0 and SR1) which generate reset signals after output delay time when both active-low input pins are activated at the same time. The R3200 has two versions that are different in output delay time settings and output release method.

R3200x001x: Output delay time is selectable from 7.5 s or 11.25 s typ. by connecting the DSR pin to either GND or VDD. A reset signal can be released by making one of the active-low input pins high.

R3200xxx2x, R3200L052B, 053B or R3200L064A: Output delay time is fixed. A reset signal will be released automatically after output release time. Or, by making one of the active-low input pins high, a reset signal can be released before output release time.

The R3200 provides ultra-low supply current while a reset signal is remaining active or after being sent out. The R3200 is offered in a 8-pin DFN(PLP)2020-8B package or a 8-pin DFN1216-8 package.

Specs & Datasheets

Operating Voltage Range 1.65 V to 5.5 V (6 V)
Operating Temperature Range -40°C to 85°C
Supply Current Standby mode: Typ. 0.28 µA (VDD = 5.5 V)
At operation, before reset signal output: Typ. 3 µA (VDD = 5.5V) *1
At operation, after reset signal output: Typ. 0.45 µA (VDD = 5.5V)
Reset Request Delay Time R3200x001x: Typ. 7.5 s, 11.25 s
R3200x002x: Typ. 7.5 s
R3200L052B: Typ. 10 s
R3200L053B: Typ. 10 s
R3200L064A: Typ. 3.0 s
Reset Request Time Accuracy ±10%
Reset Time R3200x002x: Typ. 0.234 s
R3200L052B: yp. 0.313 s
R3200L053B: Typ. 0.078 s
R3200L064A: Typ. 0.1875 s
Reset Time Accuracy ±10%
Output Type R3200xxxxA: Nch Open Drain
R3200xxxxB: Nch Open Drain, CMOS
Package DFN(PLP)2020-8B, DFN1216-8
  • *1 Guaranteed by design engineering

Download Datasheet

Technical Documents

Typical Application



A bypass capacitor between the power supply line and the GND line is not necessarily required. If the device operation is affected by power supply noise, connect an appropriately selected bypass capacitor.

Timing Chart



When both SR0 and SR1 voltages become "L", the timer operation will start. After the output delay time (tDELAY), the reset signal will be outputted. 001x : While the reset signal is being outputted, SR0 or SR1 voltage becomes "H", and the reset signal will be canceled. Until either SR0 or SR1 voltages becomes "H", the reset signal will be continually output. 002/052/053/064A: After reset signal is being sent 0.234s/0.313s/0.078s/0.1875s, it will be released automatically, or if either SR0 or SR1 becomes "H", the reset signal will be canceled.

Quality & Packages

Product Name Compatibility Package Marking Reliability
  • gradeConsumerC
DFN(PLP)2020-8B R3200K R3200K
  • gradeConsumerC
DFN1216-8 R3200L R3200L

Refer to the datasheets for the details on the product.
The package file includes package dimensions, taping specifications, taping reels dimensions, power dissipations, and recommended land pattern.
Please contact us or our distributors for unpublished reliability information.

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