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R1260 60V Buck DC/DC Controller for Automotive and Industrial

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The R1260 series is a high-voltage buck DC/DC controller with an operating voltage range of 5.0 V to 60 V and maximum rating of 80 V. It is suitable for use in various automotive and industrial systems using a power supply up to 60 V such as 24 V automotive batteries, 48 V mild hybrid systems, FA equipment such as PLCs, PoE systems, 5G base stations, and so on. Other features include the PWM/VFM auto switching function which contributes to keeping high efficiency at both heavy and light load, and spread spectrum clock generator (SSCG) which helps easily take EMI countermeasures by dispersing noise energy and suppressing peak noise. These features make the R1260 an easy-to-use DC/DC controller for your automotive and industrial systems.